December 2014
Chaparral Christmas List, Join the Bunkhouse, Sponsors, Don Collier in Tales of the Frontier, Actress Comebacks, Hollywood Potpourri, Blue & Mano in Mexico, Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus at Reunion

November 2014
Join the Bunkhouse, Cam Gets His Way, Cam Mitchell Day, Tucson and HC on TV, Leif Tough for Money, HC Christmas List, HC Keep The Ranch going, Old Tucson Season Opening, A Special Bunkhouse

September 2014
HC Sticker, Linda Fans, Rudy Facebook, All about Cam and Henry, Scholarship, How Manolito Learned Fear, Old West in our Language

August 2014
Wind in Nanyehi, Linda Tribute, Happy Birthday Henry, Cam gets his Way, Camille on Cam, HC Me and Daddy, new from Mark Slade, Linda fans on Facebook, This is Real HC, Illness or Cure?

July 2014
Cameron Mitchell Scholarship fundraiser, Biggest Family on Earth by Ginny, Uncle Buck's Cam-A-Lot by Lydia, Blue Heaven by Sharmon, Buffalo Gals by Lydia, Henry Darrow plays Jester

June 2014
Big John Laughs, Boy Hoy Pay Cut, Cameron Mitchell Scholarship Fund, HC photos from Memphis Film Festival, Interview with Penny McQueen, Why We Still Love High Chaparral,

April 2014
OMG WOW! Reunion 2014, Cam-Bustion, Destination: Dream, Buffalo Soldiers, Reunion and 2nd Gen Fan

March 2014
Neil Summers article, Boots & Ballet, What Happened to the Cast?, What a Tangled Web,

January 2014
Stan Ivar, HC Stuntmen, Harry Sukman, Where no Hombres have Gone, New Life for Old Tucson, Old Time Remedies

November 2013
What I learned from High Chaparral, Kickstarter Thank you from Rudy, Salem's Lot Soundtrack, Follow Your Heart,Uncle Buck 95, BD Honorary General,Co-Camulary,Merry Halloistmas

October 2013
Kickstart Geronimo,Sam Butler appearances, Leif Erickson vintage article, Sounds of Chaparral, Fans honor HC, Mark Slade of High Chaparral,

September 2013
Kickstart Geronimo, Meet Sam Butler in Indiana, Facebook birthdays and Stinky Flanagan conversation, Family Life Preferred by Cameron Mitchell, Going Down Maine with Mark Slade, Illness or Cure? by Wendy

August 2013
Season 3 of HC now on DVD, How INSP Chose HC, Don Collier Sounds of Chaparral, Snakes and Quail, NBC at KUNK, Interview with Henry Darrow

July 2013
Casino del Sol hotel for Reunion, Mark Slade remembers Cameron Mitchell, Rudy Ramos reads Geronimo at Memphis film clip, Don Collier to appear at Phoenix Festival, Harry's Piano and High Chaparral Suite, Kiva Hoy quote on Bob Hoy, The mystery vase, Fan writing contest winners, Q&A with Rudy Ramos,
Old Tucson’s Reunion - 50 Years of Gunfighters

June 2013
Remembrance of Ron Janoff,Rudy Ramos to read Geronimo in Memphis, History Makers: Buffalo Soldiers and High Chaparral, TV Guide Premiere Article, High Chaparral is a Western Peyton Place, U.s. Senator recognizes Kent McCray, Cowboy Names

May 2013
Season 3 on DVD in Septermber. World's only Gumfighter, Rudy Ramos to read Geronimo at Memphis, Star Talk Bob Hoy interview video, Michele's Reunion memories, behind the scenes photos, Cameron as Rurik

April 2013
Reunion Retrospective by Marianne, The Reunion by fans, Salem's Lot soundtrack, INSP Reunion letter,
From The Fans

March 2013
Where is Victoria's magic closet?, Cam playing golf in costume, Darrow lively Latin

February 2013 Edition II
Linda Cristal not Retiring Type, Mark Slade remembers Henry Wills, PATSY for Tillie, INSP interview

January 2013 Edition II
An Internal Reunion, Hubba Outlaw Chaparral Chili, Star Discovered After 10 Years

January 2013 Edition I
Don Collier, Rudy Ramos attending Reunion, The Men Swoon Too (fainting on the set), Henry Darrow book signing, A Visit with Uncle Buck, NBC Week Ad, Reunion on a Budget, Hooten Broadcasting, Haven't Times Changed, Loren Green's Ponderosa Party

December 2012
High Chaparral Christmas Carol, Cameron Mitchell is his own Worst Critic, HC Santa Claus, Adrianna and Jore letter, Old Tucson Hot Bath Stiff Drink, John's Christmas Visitor

Thanksgiving 2012
Mark Slade intimate questions, Dortort Archives, Black Friday for Reunion reservations, t-shirts.

November 2012
Hanging Hats on the Wall of Fame - an interview with Bob Hoy, 2 Seniors Shoot it out in High Chaparral.

October 2012
Season 2 DVD release date, Reunion Deadline, Sponsor's Dinner Seating, ALMA Award to Henry Darrow, Susan McCray on KUNK, A Conversation with William Claxton ny Michele Simmons, the Claxton Pilot, Kent McCray - Destination Tucson, What is the Reunion?, Best Reunion Memories by Gary Simmons, Bonanza Round-up, Linda Cristal TV Guide/Hollywood Squares, Old Tucson Nightfall/2013 Season,

September 14 2012
HC on INSP, Join the Party on INSP - by Penny, A Fan a Bandana and the High Chaparral, TV Guide pilot ad, TV Guide Cleveland Armory review, Susan McCray joins Reo and Hoot morning show

August 2012 Special Edition
INSP TV Channel exclusive news release - The High Chaparral returns to television on INSP.

July 27 2012
Early Bird rates for 2013 Reunion. Season I DVD release, TV Guide ad, Vintage article 'A Visit to the High Chaparral Set', Mark Slade Novel, Henry Darrow at The Autry, Like Christmas for Fans by Ginny Shook, Old West Expressions

July 2012
Art-S DVD playback issues, Season One on DVD, Rudy Ramos in Charity, Portrait of an American by Cameron Mitchell, NBC ad, Old Tucson Chopped episode, Everybody on the Show Hates Me (Cameron Mitchell), Bats of the Chaparral

June 2012
Hollywood Hotline by Susan McCray, Dream Trip by John Richardson, Mark Slade's Real Name, Early Bird Rates for Reunion.

May 2012
Reunion 2013 dates, Rudy Ramos in Charity, Bill Claxton Pilot Director's Cut, Art-S Region Free DVD Release, White Stallion Ranch dinner, Pamela Dunlap, Luke Askew memorial, Ted Markland, Jack Williams

March 2012
Reunion Down Under? Survery, Henry Darrow biography published, Holly Collier and Milt Hamerman memorials, vintage High Chaparral ad, Nightfall at the Oscars, Meet Mark Slade vintage reprint, Bonanza reprint 101

February 2012
Hi Jolly by Ginny Shook, Rudy Ramos new photos, Reunion memories by Rusty LaGrange, new photo album, A Dream Come True by Carlos Sanchez, Season 4 DVD release, Netherlands DVD release, Continuity Errors by W. St Germain

January 2012
Take the Reunion Survey, Ted Markland Memorium, Don Collier and Bob Shelton at Tubac Historical Society, Reunion 2011 Friday Coverage, Memorial Plaque for Michael Landon Removed, Season 4 Available for pre-order, It's all in a Name by W. St. Germain

November 17, 2011
Reunion 2011 coverage

October, 2011
Vote for HC as best TV Show, A message from Henry Darrow, Don Collier Western Legend, Mi Amigo Manolito, Darrow Bio Announcement,

September 15, 2011
Reunion merchandise and registration deadline. Macadoo's shoe. What next - children interpret The High Chaparral.

August 17 2011
Reunion Deadline, Brenda Greenwood Reunion Memories, Yuma High Chaparral House, Theme Music .mp3s, Rudy Ramos vintage reprint, Cameron Mitchell is His Own Worst Critic vintage reprint

August 2011
Reunion Deadline, Greetings from Rudy Ramos and Kiva Hoy, Phone call from Henry Darrow, Don Collier, Memorabilia, Bonanza Convention 2011, Ted Markland - When Fringe was In, Old Tucson's New Heritage Square, The Importance of Good Supporting Characters: Part Three

July 2011
Reunion at Old Tucson, Magazine/Program and T-shirts available, Nightfall news, Henry and Don's comments on 2009 Reunion, Registration deadline September 1, Vintage Article - Authenticity, Wind and Jinglebob, The Importance of Good Supporting Characters Part II.

May 2011
Stars plan to attend Reunion, 2011 Silent Auction gallery, Susan McCray and guest audio clips on 2009 Reunion, Attendance registration passes halfway mark to goal, things to do in Tucson, Darrow's biography Lightening in the Bottle to premier at Reunion, Chaparral Adventures and Memories by Michele, Invitation artwork by Patty Schantz.

April 2011
What is The High Chaparral Reunion, Reunion Schedule of Events, Facebook conference with Linda Cristal, Palm Springs Rodeo, Two Rode Together, Henry Darrow in Soda Springs, The Importance of Good Supporting Characters, Letter from Venezulea

February 2011
Kinowelt announces release of season 3 DVD, Susan McCray, the Business of Talent, David Dortort archives at Autry Center, Henry Darrow on PBS Pioneers of Television, Vintage News Clips.

December, 2010
2011 Reunion Early Bird registration, Linda Cristal's book, Don Collier That Face That Voice, Mark Slade Humorous Bent, New Nightfall Website, Meeting Leif and Henry, Golf Nut Cameron Mitchell, Harry Sukman Music Maker, It's Nearly Christmas

November 2010
Lodge on the Desert official 2011 Reunion hotel, Linda Cristal website, New World Zorro on DVD, Vintage reprint - Cameron Mitchell’s First Acting Love was Westerns, Artist Robin Moore Puts Manolito’s Joyous Character on Canvas, Oops! Continuity Errors and Other Slip-Ups,

October 2010
High Chaparral Reunion 2011 announced, Lodge on the Desert, Linda Cristal, Cary Grant & Baseball, In Memory of David Dortort, Nightfall by Susan McCray, Meeting Mark Slade, Season II DVD release, Goodbye to Salad Days, Shared Photos, Rattlesnakes - Face of the Old West

August 30, 2010
Chaparral Stars Honored at Walk of Fame, Victoria: Linda Cristal - The Lady Loves to Sing, Ta Ta Sisterhood Charity T-Shirts Available, note from Ginny Shook,Vintage reprint - My Heart Beats for Two Cowboys, In Memory of Walt LaRue and Jerry Wills, High Chaparral is Still as Relevant Today as Ever

June 11, 2010
Denny Miller update, Born of a Simple Woman - by Brenda Greenwood, Focus on Out West Entertainment, Malachi Throne sends memories of Bob Hoy, The Old West Lives in our Language - by Wendy St. Germain, DVD Release by Kinowelt, A History of The High Chaparral Reunion

April 25, 2010
German Release of High Chaparral on DVD,Review of 2009 Reunion DVD, 2011 Reunion Survey, Henry Darrow appearance at Your Childhood Memorabilia show, Don Collier Radio spot, BarBara Luna remembers Bob Hoy, Lauren Levian: Defining Herself, In Memory: Bill Wistrom and Vincent Gutierrez, Q&A, Appaloosa Followup.

In Memory of Bob Hoy - February 2010

February, 2010
Cameron Mitchell's recording Born of a Simple Woman, PBS series 'Pioneers of Television' featuring Henry Darrow, new photo album on, Newsletter hits 600 subscribers, Vintage reprint, 'Mark Slade's New Look', Getting to Know You runs HC Reunion show, Linda Cristal update and hint of a new project, Pernell Roberts death and Getting to Know You tribute, High Chaparral toys, Horses of the West

December 19, 2009
Christmas Issue - Reunion Special on Getting to Know You, Reunion DVD. The High Chaparral Christmas Carol story, 'Extraordinary Circumstanzas', a Christmas Eve story.

November 12, 2009
Coverage of the 2009 High Chaparral Reunion

September 29, 2009
Final Deadline for The High Chaparral Reunion announced, Original Artwork from Patty Schantz will be available at the Reunion Auction, Vintage Location Photos - contributed by Frank Catalano, Susan McCray to tape a special High Chaparral Reunion show at Old Tucson, Vintage Reprint Article, Leif Erickson interview - A Chat with High Chaparral's Head Honcho, Your Editor will appear as a guest on Getting to Know You and discuss the Reunion, Ways and Wisdom of the Old West, by Wendy St. Germain, Bonanza Day at the Autry National Center of American West

August 30, 2009
A personal message from Ted Markland, Getting to Know You with Susan McCray broadcasts from the Reunion, On The Set, notes from HC folks who worked at Old Tucson, Final Deadline for The High Chaparral Reunion announced, Are Conventions Worth Attending, by Wendy St. Germain, The High Chaparral in Flames by Maria Adela Rivas Diaz, Whadda Ya Wanna Know - ask your questions of the STARS at the Reunion, Wait a Minute Mr Postman - send a note to the cast, crew, and families of the HC, In memory of Miles Middough, Leaving on a Jet Plane - what to pack for Tucson, Newsletter news - we reach 500 subscribers and announce a new online posting schedule, Your Editor will appear as a guest on Getting to Know You and discuss the Reunion

August 1, 2009
A personal message from Henry Darrow, Memories of Cameron Mitchell, Make your Reservation for The High Chaparral Reunion, A video of HC's Bobby Hoy, (Joe Butler), discussing stunts in movies on TCM, Preview the Tucson Tour during the Reunion, Vintage reprint article, An interview with David Dortort - includes 4th season changes! Gallery of Auction items for the Reunion, with NEW items. Why did Mark Slade leave the show in the 4th season? See our Q&A section. High Chaparral Goes To The Dogs, by Wendy

June 30, 2009
An audio interview with Don Collier. Deadline for Reunion Reservations before price increase. A letter from Rusty. A note from Rudy Ramos with a correction and memory of Phil Rawlins. Vintage reprint article, Yaphet Kotto on "Buffalo Soldiers". Gallery of Auction items for the Reunion. Indian Contributions to Modern Day Culture, by Wendy

June 7, 2009
* Susan McCray provides two great recordings of Henry Darrow and Don Collier, who share stories at the 2007 High Chaparral Reunion. Deadline for Reunion Reservations before price increase. Listen to Audio links and interviews with The High Chaparral cast and crew. Review of My Fair Lady with Henry Darrow, written by Jan. A remembrance of the late Phil Rawlins, High Chaparral Director. Results of our Fan Costume Contest. Mark Slade Studio updates.Vintage Reprint article, Mark Slade Gave Up Fishing for Acting. Tillie the Camel from Stinky Flanagan episode, by Wendy. List of Reunion Sponsors.

May 15, 2009
Susan McCray has a message for all 2009 Reunion fans, especially for the very special folks who help sponsor the reunion. Rusty explains reunion sponsorship, and Rudy Ramos sends a message about the 2009 High Chaparral Reunion. Home is Where the Heart Is, an article by Tanja. Update on Henry Darrow biography, Lightning in a Bottle. Results of Fan Costume Contest. Our Lady of Guadaloupe article by Wendy. Victoria's full name, why cactus have spines, list of reunion sponsors.

April 16, 2009
Be a Reunion Sponsor, 2009 Reunion Invitations are in the mail, Artist Walter Fornero creates High Chaparral caricatures, virtual Fan Costume Contest, the cactus of High Chaparral, Mark Slade new Fable The Sheep's Gift, Malachi Throne in The Accomplices, High Chaparral almost named Saguaro, Sweet Maureen O'Hare.

March 14, 2009
Special reunion 2009 message from Kent and Susan McCray, payment deadline for The High Chaparral Reunion registrations, Henry Darrow appears in a new production of My Fair Lady, Jan Pippins article on Marie Gomez - HC's Perlita, and a vintage reprint featuring Marie, Getting to Know You - Bobby Goldsboro and Don Grady, Sheet Music question

January 14, 2009
Memories of Cameron Mitchell, a new great-grandson for Cameron, Focus on Rudy Acosta, Don Collier in Flap, Chaparral interior studio scenes question, theme music Mp3, Spanish dialog translated, Cowboy Hats by Rusty,

November 1, 2008
New business venture by Linda Cristal and her son Jordan Wexler, by Tina Sweet, new article about Linda Cristal's life, The High Chaparral Reunion information and news, Questions and Answers (Manolito sings to Victoria, Brothers Cannon, smoking actors, Mark Slade in Salty), Getting to Know You with Susan McCray podcasts, Thanksgiving video clips, The High Chaparral rebroadcast watch from around the world.

October 2, 2008
Announcing The High Chaparral 2009 Reunion Schedule of Events and Registration. Vintage Linda Cristal article, Don Collier's movie trailer for Jake's Corner Denny Miller's Wagon Train DVDs, Barbara Luna magazine article with photos, Vincent Falcone tv interview on Harry Sukman, Annalee Cannon's last scene.

August 16, 2008
Layout of ranch house, Reunion 2009 plans, Vintage article reprint - A day on The High Chaparral set, Newsletter available in Spanish.

June 30, 2008
Announcing the 2009 High Chaparral Reunion, Henry Darrow in Primo premiere, BarBara Luna in Trek production, results of Reunion survey,
Kent McCray lobby dedication, Harry Sukman music concert, Rudy Ramos in movie trailer for Mr. Sadman, Vintage Mark Slade article, Don Collier as Arbuckles Coffee Cowboy, Joseph Pevney memorial

May 27, 2008
2009 Reunion Survey, Susan McCray honorary Doctorate, Andy Klyde gives update on High Chaparral release on DVD.

May 1, 2008
Audio and video clips from The High Chaparral, 2009 Reunion plans, Q&A with Susan Sukman, trubute to writer, stuntman and actor Alex Sharp, including clips from episode The Covey, Ted Markland featured in magazine article, Mark Slade Studio updates, Bonanza Ventures attorney Andy Klyde on Fox News, Linda Cristal story from fan Tina, answer to Mystery Actor contest.

March 10, 2008
Terd Markland on joining Chaparral, acting, and his career as a stand-up comic. Susan McCray to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate. Hollywood legend Gilbert Roland. Guess the HC actor. Memorial to writer Alex Sharp

January 7, 2008
Mark Slade's website changes, Zorro on DVD, Double Feature Creature Attack Cameron Mitchell interview, Warm Heart, Cool Hands CD.

December 2, 2007
Interview with Rudy Ramos. Warm Heart, Cool Hands CD, Link to Blue's Theme, the new arrangement by Vinnie Falcone, Christmas photos from the ranch, reprinted Mark Slade article from TV Week, May, 1970.

October 19, 2007
Tribute to Rose Dortort, Henry Darrow interview, Chaparral cast and crew remembers Cameron Mitchell.

September 24, 2007
Cameron Mitchell interview reprint, Tina Sweet meets Linda Cristal, HC sound files, upcoming HC Reunion radio special.

September 2, 2007
Reunion guest recap, upcoming events, sound bites, Don Collier, Ted Markland, and Rudy Ramos projects, Harry Sukman quote from Susan

July 23, 2007
Reunion guest list, never broadcast scene from Shadows on the Land, tribute to Bill Claxton from Kent and Susan McCray.

July 9, 2007
Leif Erickson, cameraman, Ginny's favorite episode, The Singing Bunkhouse Boys (never broadcast script pages from the pilot episode).

June 24, 2007
Kent McCray receives honorary doctorate, Tanja's favorite episode, Tina's reunion article, The Real John Cannon, by Jan.

June 15, 2007
Current reunion guest list, Never Look Back, an exclusive interview with Linda Cristal, by Ginny Shook.

May 28, 2007
Reunion invitations, Don Collier at John Wayne birthday celebration, Rusty's reunion article, O Wind, That Sings So Loud a Song - Rudy Ramos article.

May 13, 2007
Bob Hoy's reunion memories, Bob Hoy's early years, history of the Sportsmen's Lodge, Henry Darrow: A License To Steal.

April 23, 2007
Henry Darrow's reunion memories, travel article, All Music Is Sound, But Not All Sound Is Music - Harry Sukman article.

April 7, 2007
Reunion memories, Kent McCray, producer, remembers the pilot Destination Tucson.

March 24, 2007
Memorial for Jack Williams, Stuntman, past reunion memories from fans, and I'm Reno's Dad, an article focusing on Ted Markland.

March 4, 2007
Inaugural issue, with details about the 2007 40th anniversary reunion

February 2016
Don Collier the Long Way 'Round, Experience of a Lifetime by Deborah New, Linda Cristal Never Look back by Ginny Shook, Like Nothing Else by Ginny, Radio Ranglers, Buffalo Soldiers book.

January 2016
Chaparral Theme Music, Gingerbread High Chaparral House, Dan Haggerty passes, Linda Cristal Beautiful Paradox, Cameron Mitchell Actor Ballplayer, Hateful Eight and HC, Tim Kelly Chaparral Writer,

December 2015
Macadoo's Shoe, Cameron's First Love was Westerns, Western Wear and Jackrabbits, Wild West Days at Old Tucson, HC Christmas Carol.

November 2015
Linda Cristal award,
Bob Shelton day at Old Tucson, Cartoons by Mark Slade, Dusty Trail to HC, Susan Sukman McCray Foyer.

October 2015
TV Guide article,
Hollywood Potpourri, High Chaparral Set a Busy Place, Jeff McCarroll interview

September 2015
Darrow takes prosperity cautiously,
Magazine photos, Riding Hollywood Trail II, C-Bar Award, Django Chaparral, Old Tucson Nominated for best theme park, Saddle Up with the Stars in Tucson

August 2015
Get your Ticket
Webcast, Linda Cristal Complete Confidence, A Talk with the Foreman, Prediction Fulfilled (Leif Erickson), Susan McCray Busy Month, Love Letters, Riding Holywood Trail, Tucson on TV

June 2015
Stars in Tucson,
HC Pack, HC Hires Snake Killer, INSP Saddle Up Weekend, Geoffrey Lewis, Henry Wills & Chief Dan George guest star, Five Pair at Casting Call,200 Come Home to HC, Real Nick-Ay-Del,

April 2015
Reunion for free, Meet the Stars,
HC Cast arriving in Tucson photo, World Comes Home to High Chaparral by Jane, Buck's Limp Cured, Cam wears Latest in Western Wear, From Liverpool With Love by Wendy, Some Dirty Dog Put Glue in my Saddle, Marc Mitzell on the Reunion,

March 2015
Buck's Island,Ricochet Radio Ranglers, Don Collier Talks, Note from Susan, Leap of Faith by Pamela, Deep Dark Secrets of Penny and the High Chaparral Reunion

February 2015
INSP Sweepstakes, High Chaparral Good Medicine, A Boy's Life Behind the Scenes, HC on Heroes & Icons Network, Mentioned on, Not Just DVDs, One Woman's Obsession, New Store,

January 2015
Re-visit The High Chaparral,Camille Mitchell in a Novel Romance, Tarrantino Film and High Chaparral, Outlaws by Ginny, Double-dose of Cameron, 2015 Walk of Fame, Estrada Joins Law Dog, High Chaparral and Civil War by Jane