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High Chaparral Reunion 2013!

March 22-24, 2013
Tucson, AZ

Save the date and make your plans for March 22-24, 2013 because the next High Chaparral Reunion is going to be better than ever!

The Reunion is a celebration of all things High Chaparral (our beloved Stars, production, creatives, back-stage folks, episodes, memorabilia) and other fans of the show. It's a unique opportunity to enjoy the American West and the culture that created the Great American Western on television and the big screen.

Special activities for fans in 2013 include:

  • Wild West Days at Old Tucson.
  • Cowboy Dinner at White Stallion Ranch for our fans who arrive on Thursday evening.
  • The Bill Claxton Director's Cut of the Pilot Episode, containing never broadcast scenes.

You definitely want to attend the 2013 Reunion!

Rudy Ramos in Charity

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Evelina Fernandez, Rudy Ramos, Jonathan William Cruz, Geoffrey Rivas and Esperanza America Ibarra in "Charity: Part III of a Mexican Trilogy." (Ed Krieger)

Rudy Ramos, High Chaparral's Wind, is appearing in "Charity: Part III of a Mexican Trilogy” at the Los Angeles Theatre Center through June 3.

Charity” is playwright Evelina Fernández’s sequel to “Hope,” which followed the struggles of the assimilated Garcia clan against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the death of JFK.

Rudy commented when announcing getting cast, "Great script, great cast, great director. Lots of work to do but it's going to be fun. Really looking forward to getting on the boards with this group!"

Charity: Part III of a Mexican Trilogy” Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring St., Los Angeles. 8 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays, 3 p.m. Sundays. Ends June 3. $40. Contact: (866) 811-4111 or


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Pilot Episode, The Director's Cut

Thanks to the Bill Claxton family, The High Chaparral Reunion has available a copy of an exclusive 'Director's Cut' of The High Chaparral pilot episode.

Transferred from original 16mm film,this unique copy of the pilot episode was sent to Claxton for review during production. It contains scenes from the script that were shot but not included in the broadcast version.

Bill Claxton directed the two-hour Chaparral pilot and in 1967 was named producer-director of Chaparral. The first two years he directed roughly every other Chaparral and according to Kent McCray, "Really was the thought behind the show." As a truly one of a kind Chaparral artifact the Claxton pilot is a fascinating piece of history and provides an amazing look at the initial storyline. The 16mm film was faded but is still watchable, especially for the extra scenes which add richness to the story of how the Cannons came to Arizona to found The High Chaparral.

The High Chaparral Director's Cut of the pilot episode will be shown during the 2013 Reunion for fans to enjoy.

Art-S Region Free DVD Release

A Dutch publisher Art-S Home Entertainment has released Season I of The High Chaparral.

Uncut, digitally remastered, region free with the original English soundtrack, this version is a great alternative for fans who’ve been searching for a licensed DVD source.

With an English soundtrack and no region encoding it has no special playback concerns, and it also contains some of the missing scenes in the pilot episode other publishers had trouble locating. Cost is $39.95 EU plus shipping. For ordering check

High Chaparral Dutch Fan Site (Heleen has a special price for fans
at the moment)

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White Stallion Ranch, used as a location set for The High Chaparral, is our
destination on Thursday evening of the 2013 Reunion

White Stallion Ranch
Reunion Cowboy Dinner

For Reunion 2013 we've arranged a special opportunity for our fans who arrive on Thursday - a genuine cowboy dinner at White Stallion Ranch. Limited to only 20 guests, we'll travel to one of the top dude ranches in Arizona for a steak dinner. While at White Stallion you'll also be on The High Chaparral, because the ranch was often used as a location set for filming the show.

White Stallion Ranch in Tucson is among the top Dude Ranches in Arizona. The White Stallion Ranch sits on 3,000 acres of beautiful, pristine Sonoran desert. The southern boundary adjoins the Saguaro National Park West, renowned for its majestic saguaro cacti.

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The True family at White Stallion Ranch in 1968

The Spanish style architecture at the ranch compliments the surrounding terrain and the meals are a highlight of the day, including a delicious steak grilled over a mesquite fire.

The True family has owned and operated the ranch since 1965. They are very proud of their history with The High Chaparral and thrilled to welcome us back to Tucson. White Stallion Ranch has gained a reputation for providing the highest quality of customer service and for creating truly memorable holiday experiences. The family is dedicated to providing value, quality and above all, western authenticity.

Join us at the 2013 Reunion, plan to arrive on Thursday and come experience the ambience of a genuine western welcome.


Henry Darrow Alerts

Manolito fans have lots of opportunities to hear their favorite star this month.

Henry Darrow appeared on the "On Screen & Beyond" podcast ("The Entertainment Podcast Where the Stars Talk") . Listen to Henry's show here.

In April Susan McCray interviewed Henry and his co-biographer Jan Pippins to discuss the making of his book Lightning in the Bottle. To hear both interviews visit Susan's Getting to Know You archives here.

Lightning in the Bottle, the story of the trailblazing actor's first seventy-five years of life, stage and screen, can be ordered on Fans who want a copy personally autographed by Henry Darrow can order at

Henry can also be seen in the independent film Soda Springs, which is available for order on Amazon.

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Pamela Dunlap appearing with Linda Cristal in The Legacy

Pamela Dunlap,
Guest Star

High Chaparral guest star Pamela Dunlap emailed recently to request Reunion information.

Dunlap guest starred in a favorite episode of The High Chaparral - The Legacy.

Cast as Trece Burnett, Pamela played a beautiful visitor to Tucson and the ranch who quickly gains the attention of Blue Cannon. Blue falls in love but has no idea there is a plot between father Gar Burnett and his daughter Trece to charm their way onto The High Chaparral for an ulterior motive. Gar Burnett plans to blackmail John Cannon. Blue's love of Trece blinds him to Trece's true nature and ever loyal, he refuses to believe she had any knowledge of the plan. In the end Trece leaves Blue and The High Chaparral, recognizing she can never be good for him.

Dunlap currently is garnering kudos for her role as Pauline Francis in Mad Men.


Watch for updates for 2013, but for an idea of activities here's the Wild West Days listing from 2013.

The Reunion will happen on the same day so all activities will be available to Reunion fans:

High Chaparral Reunion MagazineGo Shopping

High Chaparral Reunion Merchandise - own a piece of Chaparral Memorabilia!

  • Limited number of XL T-shirts
  • Magazine with lots of photos
  • High Chaparral Water Bottle
  • 2009 CD

Reunion Merchandise Page


Couldn't attend but still want a signed photo? Remember you can get your very own cast photo or CD - - signed personally to you -from Henry Darrow, Don Collier or Rudy Ramos from Out West Entertainment.


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Luke Askew (with Henry Darrow) as
Johnny Ringo in Shadow of the Wind

Luke Askew

Luke Askew, the tall, lean faced actor who portrayed Johnny Ringo in The High Chaparral episode "Shadow of the Wind", passed away March 29, 2012 following a long illness. He was 80.

He was most recognized as the stranger in 1969's "Easy Rider" who brings Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper to a hippie commune in the 1969 motorcycle odyssey “Easy Rider", and as Boss Paul, the sadistic prison guard in "Cool Hand Luke," with Paul Newman. Most recently he played Hollis Greene, the leader and prophet of a polygamist cult, in the popular HBO series “Big Love.’’

Mr. Askew’s first film role was alongside Michael Caine and Faye Dunaway in “Hurry Sundown,’’ Otto Preminger’s racially charged drama of 1967. Later that year he played Boss Paul, a sadistic prison guard, in “Cool Hand Luke,’’ with Paul Newman.


I'm Reno's Dad

by Penny McQueen

Ted Markland loved hearing from his fans and especially appreciated fans of The High Chaparral. He took a child-like delight in receiving cards or letters (or sending one back!). Like many actors he always enjoyed a little publicity, whether online or in the Newsletter. Ted planned to attend the 2011 Reunion, but his health failed and sadly we lost him shortly afterwards.

Remembering Ted and how much he enjoyed the fan world of High Chaparral, and any time he was mentioned in The High Chaparral Newsletter we're re-running this article from 2007. I'm sure it would please him.

Flip through your cable guide for a blast from the past listing of the shows that defined a generation's cultural psyche. From Bonanza to Hill Street Blues , Wild Wild West to TJ Hooker, a parade of journeymen character actors inhabited Cagney and Lacey one week, Father Murphy the next.  With over 80 TV and movie roles to his credit, Ted Markland's considerable talents contributed to those and many more, including Dallas, Murder, She Wrote, Baywatch,  and The High Chaparral.

"I told David Dortort, give me something to say besides, 'Riders coming!' Ted said in a recent phone interview from his home in California. "Then Dortort yelled for someone to get him more silent actors because here was another one wanting a bigger part."   

Despite his long career, Ted's affection for his role as Reno in The High Chaparral is evident. "I still get fan mail. All from women," he joked in a deep voice. "But it's a crime no one at the network or studio is interested in a reunion movie or releasing the show on DVD. I talked to Dortort years ago about an idea for a movie, but now half of us are gone."  

The first reunion in 2003 was a time for many of the cast and crew to see each other after a long absence. Markland had kept busy guest starring in TV shows after his tenure as Reno, such as Rockford Files, The Fall Guy, The A-Team. "I'd seen Bobby (Bob Hoy, Joe Butler from The High Chaparral), but the reunions are a great time to talk to people. Just talk, that's important. To everyone on the show, to fans. At the first one, people came up to me, said, 'I thought you were dead'," he laughed. "Reno's not dead. But at my age, I'm Reno's dad."  

Ted missed the 2005 reunion because of heart surgery. "You wouldn't believe all the cards I got from fans, it was wonderful."  Thankfully, these days he's healthy and busy with his life and career. (ed note - Ted Markland passed away December 18, 2011). "I'm feeling great and looking forward to seeing everyone. I go to every show I can. Seeing people, talking to people, it's important."  

Ted Markland as Reno

Ted Markland

Ted Markland as 'Reno's Dad'

Ted Markland


Veteran stuntman Jack Williams, who regularly contributed death-defying falls and spills to The High Chaparral, was one of the most revered stunt men in the business and received  the Golden Boot Award in 1999 - the same year as David Dortort.

Jack Williams
Jack then

jack Williams
Jack at the 2005 High Chaparral Reunion


"There is a marvelous fellow who is no longer with us by the name of Henry Wills (stunt coordinator on The High Chaparral). Henry used to have me down there quite a bit.  Every time he would call (to do stunts on the show) my arm would start aching. He loved to have me do what they call A Drag. This Drag was kind of a silly thing - you're riding along on a horse and instead of dragging by your foot you're dragged by your shoulder. You get "shot" and you pitch right straight back and the horse catches you by one shoulder and you go down. So the horse is going 90 miles an hour one way and all of a sudden you're going 90 miles the other way. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If you miss the strap it's like falling out of an airplane."  Jack Williams, 2005 The High Chaparral Reunion.


Do you have a favorite piece of memorabilia, or an article you'd like to share with other fans? Send it to, and we'll do our best to add it to a future newsletter.

Past issues of the newsletter are available
on The High Chaparral Newsletter Web site.

High Chaparral, Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon, Mark Slade as Blue Cannon, Leif Erickson as Big John Cannon

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